The Healing Dimensions


About This Product

At a time when "trauma" is such a prominent theme in our everyday lives, Miraval Specialist, Brent Baum, speaks to us of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impact of these overwhelming experiences. After personally working with over 11,000 trauma survivors, including the survivors of Oklahoma City Bombing and September 11th, he details the impact of such trauma in our lives and offers resources for healing these breaches in our individual and collective consciousness. Stress and trauma cause an automatic protective reaction within us that pauses our "quantum" perception until we are ready to deal with such experiences. Intense feelings of shame, fear, anger, sadness, and even physical pain are frequently indicators that, within the ninety-three percent subconscious mind, we are still present in a scene of pain that has yet to be fully resolved. Through an emotional reframing process that Brent Baum has developed over the last fifteen years, we can learn to send our own corrective signal to the subconscious mind, indicating that we now possess the resources to free ourselves from the images and patterns of the past. This enables us to return to living fully in the present where authentic intimacy, serenity, and abundance are to be found.