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Meditation with Marygrace Naughton - MP3 Version

Breath concentration, healing visualization, & loving kindness.MaryGrace Naughton currently teaches classes in mindfulness, meditation and yoga at Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona. MaryGrace has been studying and practicing yoga and meditation since 1987. She has practiced in retreat environments with several different vipassana and mindfulness teachers. Since 1993, MaryGrace has been a shiatsu massage practitioner, incorporating many healing modalities, as well as a meditative quality and presence, to her discipline. She is mother to two wonderful daughters, and currently enjoys a loving relationship with her partner Gene. MaryGrace's increased awareness and enjoyment of life has drawn her to assist and teach as she continues to learn. She would love for everyone to learn self-acceptance and compassion as a way of life.

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