Reporting for the Other Side


About This Product

News Anchor and Reporter, Tina Powers, is standing at the scene where a thirteen year-old boy has been shot and killed. Tina, her cameraman, and the police are the first to arrive at the crime scene. The parents of the boy have yet to arrive. Do they know their young son is dead? Just another tragedy that Tina stands to bear witness in the name of her job to the many nameless faces as the camera starts to roll. Her journey begins when she realizes that she needs to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Her journey from standing on the brink of tragedy, loss, and grief, would take a severe turn when she begins honoring the seemingly senseless voices inside her head that she s been hearing since childhood, yet denied and ignored. Tina realizes that these voices are sent to be of comfort to the family members in deep despair, grief, and loss and to offer hope and peace in their most private intimate moments. But does Tina really have the courage to begin Reporting for the Other Side.