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Our Life in Balance spa and guest rooms were designed to honor nature and inspire you. Bring these life-enhancing products - exclusive to Miraval - into you home and continue your mindful journey. 

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We believe that balance is not created in a vacuum. Community, camaraderie, and collaboration are essential components to growth and enlightenment. We partner with specially selected best-in-class companies to deliver the finest experience for our guests.


We are proud to offer hand-crafted Zents bath amenities to our Miraval guests. Born out of founder Cord Coen’s personal healing journey, Zents became the manifestation of his desire to uplift people with products that radiate kindness and support wellbeing. Zents’ practice of using clean, organic, and hand-harvested ingredients, while supporting domestic and global economies contributes to a commitment to green living, cruelty-free production, and giving back to the community. The larger-sized bottles in your shower are reusable, recyclable, and designed to reduce the amount of waste we put into landfills. Zents offers a thoughtful balance of aroma-sensory experience and self-care that you can extend beyond your Miraval stay. Zents products are also available for purchase in our Raindance Pass Boutique.